Scene One -- Alchemy Class

Ms. Herro drones on and on in the front of the classroom. She mixes several liquids, presenting the small golden nugget to the class with pride. "This, children, is the mark of a true alchemist - being able to create gold!" she triumphantly declares. Ugh, she's full of herself. You didn't come to this academy for alchemy! You're a wizard, for crying out loud!

> Obviously you came so you could learn to shoot FIREBALLS.
> Obviously you came so you could learn to summon DEMONS.

...Which one is it, again?
> Demons.

Of course you're a summoner, my bad.
Well, thankfully it looks like class is over! You run out of the room, grateful to escape Herro's halls.

Scene Two -- Hallway

You have only a few minutes before botany. Ugh. It's a dreadful class, and you're still feeling under-the-weather. Those screaming pox were horrible. Couldn't get a wink of sleep.

> You're almost tempted to SKIP CLASS.
> You'll just have to TOUGH IT OUT.
> You would love to POSSESS those dumb plants with leaf demons.

A penny for your thoughts.
> Skip class.
> Tough it out.
> Possess!